The born and breed Oudtshoorn artist has now raised the bar in music after releasing the popular hit song “Ngifuna Wena”

By Takatso Rasesemola


Sango released a new song titled ALL I KNOW which speaks about his experience in the music industry from being surrounded by energies and people misleading him to a different vision of what he had for his brand. This song also talks about his beliefs and values with a dance rhythm to it. Sango never gave up and now have knowledge on how the game plays and also being the only thing he came for and want to grow further with his music.

“The song to me is all about how I got to experience the music industry and being associated with people who have different views of how things should be done. Let’s do music because we want to makes changes to the community and embrace our callings to create the impact by being true to ourselves” said Sango

Sango mentioned that the he has being playing with different sounds to create experiences that will be best for his listeners, and hopping that they will welcome the styles of his sounds.

The song was set to be released on the 14th of August 2020 and is available to selected music platforms for download and streaming and it is set to be a hit song.


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